Collecting motorcycles

Collecting vintage motorcycles might seem to be nothing but a hobby, but it can be a good investment. It works out to be much more cost effective than collecting classic cars and you will not use up as much garage space.

It is estimated that the number of classic motorcycle sales has doubled since 2000. People are keen to collect items that will increase in value and it is important to understand the history of the motorcycles and select purchases carefully. As an example, the Brough Superior SS100 is the motorcycle that featured in the classic movie Lawrence of Arabia and it can achieve a six figure asking price now for a model in good condition.

However, it is possible to collect motorcycles with a much lower price tag but that still have historical significance and the potential to increase in value. Over the years, the British, the Americans, the Germans, the Italians and the Japanese have all produced good quality motorcycles that have captured the imagination and endure in their popularity.

Don’t pay too much

It is important to make sure that you do not pay more than you have to for any classic motorcycle. One of the things you need to be aware of is whether or not it has original parts. Replacement parts can devalue the motorcycle. It is a good idea to have a potential purchase looked over by an expert until you are sure that you can recognise a motorcycle that is a genuinely good deal. Go along to rallies and conventions and learn more about the value of different models. You could subscribe to the collector’s magazines and do some research online. The more you know, the better decisions you will make.


If you have a garage that will be enough space for a small collection of classic motorcycles but once the collection grows you may need to consider renting a larger space. This may mean renting a storage unit or a larger commercial space. Moving your existing collection from one place to another is an easier task if you use professional moving companies. It is important to check if the moving companies that you are using have the appropriate insurance and properly trained staff. Some moving companies will meet with you in advance to discuss all the finer details of the move and plan it to help avoid any issues.

Naturally, the older the motorcycle the more valuable it will be if it is in good condition. Some of the rarest and most valuable examples were built in the US prior to 1920 and brands such as Harley-Davidson have always been very collectible.

The key is the level of your own knowledge. The more research that you do the better your collection will be and the more it will increase in value as time goes on. As you learn, you will find it easier to avoid bikes that look like originals but are not.

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