Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

People choose to ride motorcycles for many different reasons, including the thrill of it, as a cost-saving means of transport, being easy to park and move through traffic, and because they look fantastic. There is no doubt about it; controlled motorcycle riding can be fast and exciting while giving the rider a sense of freedom. Whether a person rides for a hobby or lives for riding, they may find that they would like to join like-minded people in a club or organization.

Different Types of Motorcyclists’ Organizations

There are several different types of motorcyclists’ organizations and an even greater range of secondary purposes for the motorcyclists’ clubs. They all have the same primary goal, which is riding motorcycles. The myriad of secondary purposes for motorcycle clubs ranges from enjoying motorcycle brands, the type of riding (e.g., offroad, racing), meeting particular groups of people (e.g., women, veterans), social causes, and helping charities, to name but a few. These clubs have their own rules, leadership structure, and clubhouses. The clubhouses are places for the members to meet, conduct club activities and a venue for entertainment.

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Becoming a Member of a Motorcycle Club

Joining a motorcycle club is not for the average motorcycle rider. These clubs are fraternities where the members live and breathe for the club and its members. For many motorcycle clubs, there are a number of stages a person must go through to become a full patch member. First is the hang-around phase, followed by the prospect/probate stage, culminating in the club membership voting for your inclusion or exclusion.

Support Clubs

Support clubs are associated with the motorcycle club and can be a good choice for people who can’t give the time requirements necessary for the main club. They are also a chance for women to be involved as many clubs do not allow female members. There are, of course, motorcycle clubs just for women.

No matter what a rider is looking for, joining a motorcycle or riding club can be a great way to share motorcycling passions.

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