Design Items to Pack for Motorcycle Caravan Trips

The motorcycle’s basic purpose is to move people and goods more efficiently from one point to another. Many people view it beyond its utilitarian function though. They include motorcycle sports athletes, enthusiasts, riding hobbyists, and those who like to relieve stress through solitary leisure driving or to socialize with fellow bikers during driving breaks.

Enjoying Outdoor Adventures with a Motorcycle Caravan

Not a few riders engage in adventure trips, such as motorcycle tourism, motorcycle camping, and motorcycle festivals. However, unwinding and exploring require more than just the skill of motorbiking and the desire for adventure.

In addition to the usual riding gear (e.g., helmet, eye shields, gloves, clothes, and shoes/boots), bikers bring certain things meant to provide them with convenience during these fun activities, and which may reflect their other interests. Thus, their motorbikes turn into recreational vehicles (RVs) that can tow a small caravan. These RVs appear in the form of motorcycles pulling an enclosed camper trailer or a fabric-made tent attached to a flatbed trailer or a collapsible single-track trailer.

Creating a Homelike Ambiance in a Motorcycle Camper Trailer

Besides installing a solar panel and carrying a battery charger or an emergency generator, bikers can furnish their motorcycle caravans with high-quality products to simulate a home environment. They can rely on a company like Royal Design to offer them a myriad of must-have items that can be used for their adventure travels. These include:

  • Compact kitchen, cooking, and table wares

Whether a culinary chef, a veteran home cook, or a kitchen amateur, a rider needs a set of ready kitchenware, cookware, and dinnerware to prepare and consume warm meals, store food, and clean up after eating and drinking. This array is comprised of pots and pans (e.g., water kettle, casserole, frying and grill pans, wok), kitchen utensils (e.g., ladles, carving fork, sieve/sifter, condiment sprinklers, jar/can opener, grater, measuring equipment, scissors, mixing bowls, etc.), knives and a chopping board, kitchen appliances (e.g., coffee maker/grinder/brewer, flame/gas burner, steamer), serving/dining wares (e.g., cutlery, plates, mugs, serving dishes, thermoses/vacuum jugs), and kitchen storage (e.g., food containers, bread bin/basket). To keep the portable kitchen sanitary, dishwashing and cleaning accessories (e.g., food waste caddy, dishwashing soap, sponge, brush, bowl/tub, dish drainer, dishcloth, towel clips, drying rack, a broom with a dustpan, etc.) should also be handy.

  • Home d├ęcor and furniture

The interiors of a camper trailer can be spruced up with some decorations and furniture. For instance, a rider who also likes to read will find a magazine holder useful and may also bring a couple of bookends to organize reading materials. A cushioned stool/pouffe, table, shoe rack, alarm clock, miniature figurines, candle holders, scent diffusers, mirrors, umbrella stand, and space-saving storage bag/basket for office equipment and other travel essentials can also be placed inside the caravan.

  • Lighting and outdoor pieces

Bikers may use lanterns and table or floor lamps instead of candles to brighten the surroundings within and outside the motorcycle caravan. They can also place decorative neonlights to beautify their small living quarters. Likewise, they can bring barbecue equipment and accessories for outdoor picnic activities.

Despite the limited space, riders can transform their motorcycle caravans into a mobile tiny house by choosing and packing design home items that they can use in their off-road journeys. Such a process can be an adventure in itself.

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